Starter Kit Challenge: The Final Card

Starter Kit Challenge

Last week I discovered a comment from a brand new demonstrator that said she felt like she didn’t have enough materials in her Stampin’ Up Demonstrator Starter Kit to make or demonstrate a variety of cards. The saddest part of the comment was that it was posted two years ago and there was nothing I could do to help. I decided that I could help future demonstrators, though!

I put together a list of materials that I would recommend getting in a Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit if you have no other materials starting out. Then, I set out to make a bunch of cards with only those materials. Today’s card is the last of these cards, 7 in total. This one is my favorite out of the whole bunch, so I saved it for last.

Homemade Card By Natalie Lapakko featuring products that could be purchased as part of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kit.

Masking and Sponging Tips

This card uses masking techniques to cover parts of the paper while applying ink to other parts.

  1. To make masks for the clouds, I stamped the cloud shape that comes with the Sprinkles of Life stamp set on a stack of post-it notes, then cut them out. Cut out multiples at once to save time!
  2. I also used masking to separate the grass from the sky. While I worked on the sky, I covered the grass, and vice versa. You can use post-it notes, masking tape, or washi tape to mask a straight line.
  3. When I blend multiple colors together, like in the sky, I always work from lightest to darkest.  You can always make the color darker, but if you add too much dark there is no going back!
  4. For this card I was quite please to use my newly discovered sponging technique using only marker ink. I had more control over how much ink went onto the paper at once than when I used traditional ink pads.
  5. Finally, I stamped the tree images and added leaves. My leaf stamp had a cluster of four leaves, which didn’t always line up where I wanted them. Once again, I used masking to solve this! I used a post-it note to cover the leaves I didn’t want to use, inked up the rest, and stamped them!

Use masking and sponging to make this card, designed by Natalie Lapakko.

Analogous Color Scheme

My evening color scheme uses analogous colors, or colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. All of these colors come from the Brights color family from Stampin’ Up! and they are all designed to work well when paired together.

Color Combo: Old Olive, Tempting Turquoise, Pacific Point, Rich Razzleberry

The Whole Line Up

These are all of the cards that were part of my personal Starter Kit Challenge. Click any of the pictures to see the blog post about that card.

Homemade card by Natalie Lapakko featuring Sprinkles of Life. This Sprinkles of Life card is homemade by Natalie Lapakko This homemade card features Sprinkles of Life as part of a demonstrator start up kit. Design by Natalie Lapakko. Card designed by Natalie Lapakko, features Sprinkles of Life Natalie Lapakko presents 7 cards you can make using Sprinkles of Life. Homemade card by Natalie Lapakko using Sprinkles of Life.

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