Featuring Feathers with Moroccan Designer Series Paper

Moroccan DSP Perfectly Highlights Feathers

So let me tell you about this feather.

A couple of years ago now we went to a good friend’s wedding. As part of their photoshoot they had these really pretty Mardi Gras masks, not terribly expensive, but classy and fun. As a gift, we each got to keep a mask. This mask travelled all the way back home with us where it served as a decoration in our house until our 2 year old son became interested in dress up. After playing with the mask, it got left on the floor where (I am now speculating, because I didn’t actually witness this) the cat found it.

The mask was not destroyed or anything, but it did lose one of its beautiful feathers. I realized that it could make a really gorgeous card, so I set it aside to save for something really special. I finally have the perfect occasion and this card is on its way in the mail right now.

In designing this card, I wanted the feather to be the focal point. It was a bit of a challenge to find the perfect papers and colors to match, especially after getting used to Stampin’ Up! and their coordinating everything. With a bit of squinting in various lights I determined that the dark gold brown on the feather was like a darker version of Delightful Dijon. That helped me chose a background paper that would help highlight the feather.

I chose this Moroccan Designer Series Paper pattern because it wasn’t too busy. The pattern is subtle enough that it adds a little texture and interest without drawing all the attention away from the focal point.

Challenge Inspired

Today’s card layout was inspired by Pals Paper Arts Challenge #318!


This layout was the perfect choice to highlight the peacock feather. The feather itself has a lot of details; colors from all over the rainbow, fuzzy bits flying this way and that, and an overall interesting organic shape. All of that needed something simple to balance it out. This design leaves has a nice focal area (the dark square), with quite a bit of blank space so it doesn’t get too cluttered. Additionally, the ribbon shape points toward the focal area, which is a visual cue that shouts, “look here”!

Homemade card by Natalie Lapakko featuring Moroccan DSP and a Peacock Feather 2.png

Tip for Attaching Feathers

Most of the techniques I used on this card are pretty basic, a rectangle here, a little stamp there. I figure most people could figure out the paper parts of this card. What I had no idea about before starting this project was how to get that feather to actually stick to the card!

  1. What I ended up doing was tracing the center part of the feather (basically where the dark gold shape is) with a light pencil.
  2. Then, I used snail adhesive and covered that shape with sticky stuff.
  3. To be extra sure everything would hold, I added a row of glue dots down where the center of the feather would be. You can never be too safe.
  4. I said a prayer, then stuck on the feather!

It worked! It was stuck on solidly without looking too flat or taking away from the motion of the wispy feather edges. Whew!

Feathery Accent Colors

I chose my colors for this card to contrast the main colors of the feather so it would stand out. I wanted it all to be unified, though, so I chose colors that were present in the feather in small amounts. The Delightful Dijon is a lighter version of the gold brown oval. The Rich Razzleberry matches a subtle ring of purple just outside the lime green ring. There are also hints of purple in the wispy feathers. These end up being really nice Fall colors, even though this isn’t necessarily a Fall card.


Thanks for visiting and happy stamping!


Cardstock: Delightful Dijon, Whisper White (c) Stampin’ Up!

Paper: Moroccan Designer Series Paper (c) Stampin Up!

Ink: Rich Razzleberry (c) Stampin’ Up!

Stamps: Sweetly Framed Stamp Set (retired) (c) Stampin’ Up!

Other: purple ribbon, peacock feather

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  1. Beautiful and way to go with adding that beautiful feather!!! What a great element! Thanks for sharing your talent this week!

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