Twisted Mini Album Tutorial

Twisted Mini Album Tutorial

Take a half sheet of cardstock and fold it in half along the diagonal.  Fold the result in half at the middle and you’ve got yourself a Twisted Card base. I love that this card base has mini pockets built into it and thought it would make a great mini album!

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Valentine Colors Extravaganza

Valentine Colors Extravaganza

There are so many different color combinations possible for Valentine’s Day. The colors you choose may depend on the mood you are trying to convey or may be tailored for the recipient of the card or gift you are making.

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Holiday Tag-Stravaganza

Welcome to my Holiday Tag-Stravaganza!

This is my ultimate guide to holiday tags. It includes how to combine tag shapes and layers. It offers suggestions for Christmas color schemes, both traditional and modern. It lists ideas for how to accessorize your tags to add sparkle, shine, and a personal touch. It’s got lots and lots and lots of tag ideas to get you jazzed about your holiday wrapping. It’s got everything… except sound effects. Go tune into your favorite Christmas music and then check it out!

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Add Bling to Your Bag in 5 Minutes

Personalize a gift bag in five minutes (or less)

There always a million things to do when you’re getting ready for a party, even if it is at someone else’s house. Sign the card, pack up the party food, wash the cheeto dust off your toddler… oh yeah, and wrap that present.

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